SIGUSE Chairs and Officers

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  • Chair: Lorri Mon, Florida State University [ude.usf|noml#ude.usf|noml]
  • Chair-Elect: Denise Agosto, Drexel University [ude.lexerd|22aeD#ude.lexerd|22aeD]
  • Treasurer: Sanda Erdelez, University of Missouri, Columbia [ude.iruossim|szeledrE#ude.iruossim|szeledrE]
  • Awards Jury Chair: Gary Burnett, Florida State University [ude.usf.icc|ttenruB.yraG#ude.usf.icc|ttenruB.yraG]
  • Communication: Stephanie Willen Brown, University of North Carolina [ude.cnu|nworbws#ude.cnu|nworbws]
  • Web Site Manager: Lisa Zilinski, University of South Florida, [ude.fsu|iksnilizl#ude.fsu|iksnilizl]
  • Secretary: Julie Hersberger, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, [ude.gcnu|ebsrehaj#ude.gcnu|ebsrehaj]


  • Symposium Committee: Jeanine Williamson (chair), Barbara Wildemuth, Maria Souden, Chirag Shah, Guo Zhang, Linnea Johnson, Rong Tang, Bo Xie, Karen Fisher, Lisa Given, Soo Young Rieh
  • Discussion List Committee: Kendra Albright (chair), Jenna Hartel
  • Administration Committee: Lisa Given (chair)
  • Recruitment Committee: David Jank (chair)
  • Communications Committee: Stephanie Willen Brown
  • Awards Committee: Gary Burnett (Chair)
  • Web Site Committee: Lisa Zilinski (chair), Bradley Wade Bishop, Sonia Lorenz
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